Cocoa from togo

The taste of Togolese chocolate.

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Togo cocoa tends to have a full-bodied taste, like Ghanaian beans. You can also find hints of herbal, wood, coconut and almond flavours. These notes are what distinguish it from beans from other neighbouring regions.

And as for a Togolese chocolate bar, it will taste sweet. 70% of Togolese bars can taste as sweet as a much sweeter 60% bar from other origins.

A Togolese chocolate is a rare delicacy, but one that can have a major impact on the community that produces it.

With an area only slightly larger than Denmark and a population of around 8 million, Togo is one of the smallest countries in Africa. It is also one of the poorest in the world, with much of the population living in poverty.

Cocoa is central to its economy. More than 60% of its labour force works in agriculture (mainly cotton, coffee and cocoa) and this industry generates about 40% of GDP.

Over 90% of Togolese cocoa is grown in Plateaux, a region almost 3 hours' drive north of the coastal capital, Lomé. The rest comes from the central region, which lies north of Plateaux.