Great source of vegetable protein.

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Conventional wisdom has it that "the small pot sells the good stuff". And in this case it couldn't be more right: small and tasty, sesame seeds are a very good source of nutrients of high biological value.

For starters, they are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (good fats for the body, including omega-3 and omega-6), which help to lower cholesterol and thus prevent cardiovascular diseases. They are also rich in lecithin, which acts as an emulsifier and helps break down fats and cholesterol so that they dissolve in water and are eliminated by the body.

There is white sesame and black sesame. Their properties are almost identical, only black sesame, because of its colour, contains more antioxidants. White sesame, when it is very white, is probably hulled and therefore loses a large part of its nutrients.

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