Guinea white peanut

It is an annual herb, erect or stemmed.

  • Description

It is an annual herb, erect or with an ascending stem 30-80 cm high, with yellowish, glabrescent, pubescent stems. Stipules 2-4 cm long, hairy. Leaves usually four foliolate with petiole 4-10 cm, covered with long flexuous trichomes, ciliate margin and apex. Flowers 8 to 10 mm with narrow calyx tube 4 to 6 mm. Corolla golden yellow; banner open and wings distinct, oblong to ovate; keel distinct, very ovate, shorter than wings, with acuminate to beaked apex. Ovary oblong with the style terminated by a small stigma, sparsely pubescent. The fruit is a legume, but considered to be a dry fruit, developing underground, oblong, inflated, 2-5 × 1-1.3 cm, thick-walled, reticulate and veined, with one to four (less than six) seeds. The latter have a dark reddish integument, are oblong and about 5-10 mm in diameter.